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An aspiring triathlete now has a broken wrist after an alleged encounter with an enraged hit-and-run motorist in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, June 2. He was initially planning to turn pro at a Canadian triathlon this summer. Now, the young athlete must delay those plans.

Motorist Allegedly Heckles Cyclist

According to the authorities, the bicyclist was eastbound on Colorado Avenue near 12th Street when a motorist behind the wheel of a maroon Jeep Cherokee began to heckle him. He asserts that the driver told him to get off the road and to get on the sidewalk.

The young man also says that the angry driver followed him for several blocks. At one point, he claims that the man tried to use his vehicle to pin him and his bike against another vehicle. Next, the driver allegedly swerved into him. This caused his bike to strike a curb, and he flew over the handlebars, according to kktv.

Authorities Search For Motorist

Colorado Springs police are now looking for a while male in his mid-30s. Two witnesses were able to provide the authorities with parts of the Jeep’s license plate number.

State law accords cyclists the same rights as those operating motor vehicles. Motorists must maintain a three-foot space between their vehicles and bicycles at all times.

When a person suffers an injury due to the alleged negligent conduct of a hit-and-run motorist, it is important to identify the person. Then, it is possible to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain-and-suffering.

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