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When you think about accidents, what locations come to mind? Do you think of auto accidents on roads and interstates? Work accidents in our construction sites and factories? These may be some of the most common, but as accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know there are plenty more. The water might not be the first place you think about when considering dangerous situations, but serious accidents occur on our rivers and lakes far too often.

A Chaffee County family suffered an unbelievable loss due to a rafting accident just last week. Along with several others, they had joined a commercial rafting trip on the Arkansas River. Known for its wild rapids, the Arkansas River has become a location for many start-up businesses looking to capitalize on thrill-seekers.

The group hit a particularly bumpy section known as the Big Drop Rapids, a class 3 section. Class 3 is an intermediate difficulty with “moderate, irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid and which can swamp an open canoe. Strong eddies and powerful current effects can be found, particularly on large-volume rivers. Scouting is advisable for inexperienced parties.”

Three people were thrown from the raft and into the water when the raft high-sided. Two were quickly pulled to safety by other rafts, but one young boy couldn’t be found. A 63-person search was quickly put into place, but tragically, the boy drowned. It’s a tragic reminder that a serious accident can happen on and off land.

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