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Police received reports of a man trapped in a manhole after an accident early in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 24.

Details of the Incident

Prior to the accident, workers closed the right through lane in the 1300 block of Austin Bluffs Parkway for repairs. At about 2 p.m., two men were working in the construction zone when a pickup truck struck a work truck positioned to protect the workers. According to the report, the impact caused both trucks to slide into the men working at the site.

Both workers sustained injuries, so they required transport to Memorial Hospital. The 61-year-old male driver of the pickup truck was taken to Penrose Main Hospital due to unspecified injuries.

DUI Charges

Colorado Springs police later cited the man for driving under the influence of alcohol.

As a result of the accident, Authorities closed all eastbound lanes of Austin Bluffs Parkway to the east of Nevada Avenue. Lanes remained closed for about two hours as investigators and cleanup crews completed their duties.

When a traffic accident occurs as the result of negligent conduct, it is sometimes possible for person to seek compensation in the state’s civil courts. When construction workers sustain injuries, workers compensation laws typically apply.

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