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According to police reports, a concrete truck rear-ended a passenger vehicle in Colorado Springs on Wednesday, August 18. Dispatchers sent officers to the scene of the accident at 4:27 p.m. The report further states that the crash occurred where Stetson Hills Boulevard intersects with Marksheffel Road.

One Adult and One Child Injured

According to Colorado Springs police, both occupants of the car suffered injuries in the accident. The female driver sustained an injury to her right arm. Her juvenile passenger sustained serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. As a result, emergency personnel transported the child to a local hospital.

According to KRDO News, authorities reported that it is possible that the child was not properly restrained. The crash remains the subject of an ongoing investigation by Colorado Springs police.

Although the final outcome of the investigation into this particular accident is not yet known, Colorado state law allows certain injured people to seek compensation in the civil courts. People often seek monetary damages for unpaid medical bills, pain-and-suffering and possible lost wages. When a commercial truck driver is at fault, it is often important to determine which companies own, lease and/or operate the vehicle.

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