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People rarely think about workers’ compensation, but we are all seconds away from needing workers’ compensation. If you are in an accident, and you believe that you need workers’ compensation, you’ll want to keep in mind these five things.

  • You need to report your injury quickly: When you are injured, you will need compensation as soon as possible. If you delay in reporting your injury, then you will only be delaying your benefits. Report your injury as soon as possible to get your benefits.
  • There are several key benefits: Workers’ compensation can replace lost income, pay your medical bills, and pay for rehabilitation. All of these benefits may prove critical to your financial recovery.
  • You can seek medical treatment from your doctor initially: Workers’ compensation sometimes requires you to see a specific doctor, but when you are first injured make sure that you see a doctor for the treatment you need. You can get reimbursed for this initial treatment.
  • Benefits are calculated based on your recent earnings: When you make a workers’ compensation claim, your benefits have to be calculated. Typically, your most recent earnings are taken into consideration to form your benefit check.
  • You may need to hire an attorney: Workers’ compensation should represent your best interests, but sometimes they are reluctant to pay out. If you are experiencing any issues with your workers’ compensation, then you need to consult an attorney.

Workers’ compensation should protect you from a loss of income, but sometimes it is difficult to receive your benefits. If you feel that you need representation in your workers’ compensation case, then contact us today.