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A stop sign violation and careless driving are to blame for a February 22 intersection collision, which resulted in one woman dying. Because traffic is crossing and going several different directions all at once, intersections can be an especially dangerous place for car crashes, but there are steps you can take to prevent an intersection collision.

  • If you have a stop sign, stop. Even if you do not see any vehicles coming, you should always come to a complete stop.
  • While you do not necessarily need to stop at a yield sign, make sure to yield the right-of-way if there are already vehicles in the intersection. Even if you are not stopping, you likely want to slow down and make sure the intersection is completely clear before proceeding.
  • Even if you have a green light or if you do not have a stop sign, always be ready to stop or slow down at an intersection to avoid a wreck. Some drivers get impatient and go when it is not their turn.
  • Do not speed up to try to beat a red light.
  • Pay attention to other vehicles at a four-way stop, and wait your turn. If another driver tries to take a turn out of turn, do not insist upon taking your turn.
  • Always slow down and stay in your lane to make a turn.
  • Watch for pedestrians and bicyclists, especially if there are crosswalks. Wait for them to cross the street.
  • When making a turn, always use your turn signals. This lets other drivers know you are planning to turn, and they can react appropriately. If you do not use your turn signal, other drivers may assume you are going straight, which could result in a collision.
  • Try to be a patient driver at all times.

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