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Bad road conditions and winter weather often go together. One of those bad road conditions, potholes, are formed as the ground water freezes and thaws, causing cracks in the ground that result in pieces of the road breaking away. Unfortunately, potholes can cause damage to your tires as well as other parts of your vehicle. There are, though, several measures you can take to better avoid potholes.

  • Keep your tires properly inflated. If you do hit a pothole, properly inflated tires are less likely to get punctured.
  • Watch the vehicles in front of you. If vehicles seem to be swerving around something, even if you do not see anything there, be ready to go around a pothole or debris in the roadway.
  • If you see a pothole, slow down, and if possible, go around it. It is better, though, to hit the pothole than to hit another vehicle.
  • Make a mental map of potholes along your usual route. Slow down in areas where you have seen them before.
  • Be careful of puddles, and go around them when possible. A puddle could be a pothole filled with water.
  • Report potholes to the proper authorities so the pothole can be quickly repaired. Make sure you include detailed information about the location of the pothole.
  • Even after a pothole has been repaired, be careful driving over the spot. Often, winter pothole repair is only a temporary fix, and the pothole will not be able to be fully repaired until the weather gets better.
  • If a certain road or route has a large number of potholes, which are difficult to avoid, you may want to consider adjusting your route to take safer roads.

Potholes are only one hazard on the road. Unfortunately, other drivers can also be a problem. If you were hurt in a vehicle accident, contact us. One of our personal injury attorneys will discuss your case with you and offer you a free consultation.