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Like every popular topic, driving while under the influence of alcohol is surrounded by myths. With the help of the Internet and popular media, unsubstantiated beliefs about drunk driving can spread further and appear more credible. Unfortunately, these myths help perpetuate the thousands of alcohol related deaths on our nation’s highways each year. Here are four of the more common myths:

You Can Drive While Intoxicated by Going Slower

The idea behind this one is that if your reflexes are slower, then driving slower will give you more time to react. There are at least two problems with this argument. First, driving slowly when everyone else is going much faster than you, makes you a sitting target. Driving 25 mph on a highway where the rest of the traffic is driving 65 mph, is like parking your car in the middle of a highway with 40 mph traffic.

The other problem with this myth, is that alcohol affects one’s judgment, which can’t be trusted at any speed. Slowing down won’t prevent the driver from entering an interstate highway via its exit ramp and driving against the traffic in the wrong lane.

Drinking Coffee Will Sober You Up

Caffeine doesn’t clear out the alcohol in your system. Only your liver can do that over the course of time. The more alcohol in your blood, the longer it takes to sober up. Coffee will keep you awake for a short while, but won’t restore your reaction time or judgment. Other “remedies” such as rolling the window down, splashing your face with water, or taking a cold shower won’t remove the alcohol from your blood either.

Drinking Beer Won’t Affect You Like Hard Liquor

Alcohol is still alcohol, regardless of how it’s bottled. It will take more beer (by volume) to get the same amount of alcohol as a few shots of hard liquor. However, when people party, they usually consume enough beers to get a satisfying “buzz.” At this point, they are in no condition to drive.

If Your Blood Alcohol Is below the Legal Limit, You Can Drive Safely

Any amount of alcohol in your system means you are impaired. The more alcohol in your blood, the greater the impairment. If you are hungry, exhausted, very young, or have a low tolerance to alcohol, the impairment will seriously affect your driving.

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