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In an April 3 pedestrian death near the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, the pedestrian, rather than the driver, may have been at fault. The man tried to cross in the middle of the road, and the driver said she did not see the man. People sometimes assume the driver is at fault when a pedestrian is hit on the road, but if you are a pedestrian, you are doing your part to avoid being hit.

  • When crossing the street, especially in a busy area, always use crosswalks if they are available.
  • Never assume a driver sees you and is going to stop for you. Wait for the driver to stop before you attempt to cross the street.
  • Making eye contact with the driver and/or waiting for the driver to signal you across can also help to ensure the driver knows you want to cross the street.
  • Obey pedestrian traffic signals. Even if you think you can make it across the road, do not take a chance when there is a “Don’t Walk” signal.
  • Even when you have a “Walk” signal at an intersection, watch for vehicles before crossing the street. Drivers who are turning may not realize you are trying to cross the street.
  • Watch for vehicles when walking in parking lots. Be especially diligent about watching for drivers who are backing up, especially if there are large vehicles around the driver, and the driver may not see you.
  • Teach your children proper road safety. Young children should know to cross at a crosswalk, look both ways before crossing the street, and to hold an adult or older child’s hand when crossing the street.
  • Make sure young children are properly monitored when they are playing in the front yard or in another area where they are near a road, especially a busy road.
  • Teach your young children to get you, another adult, or a responsible teenager if a ball or other toy has gone into the road.

Sadly, drivers sometimes fail to watch for pedestrians, and even if you take the proper precautions, you could be injured by an inattentive driver. If you were injured in an accident, our personal injury attorneys can help. Contact us for a free case review.