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Most people know vaguely that workers’ compensation is out there, a safety net when you get hurt on the job, but few people know the details of what it is or how it works. Many people assume that, for example, lifting a heavy box and hurting your back might be covered, but what about if you are in a car accident while driving from place to place? What about getting sick? Learn how to tell if your injury is covered when you are either injured or become ill on the job and how a workers’ compensation attorney can help.

Knowing What’s Covered

The truth is, just about any injury or illness that occurs while you are on the job, or is in relation to your job, is covered by workers’ compensation. If the injury occurs during your employment, you can apply for compensation.

If for example, your job has you making out calls such as a technician installing computer systems, you could be covered for injuries for accidents that occur while traveling between locations. Recent rulings have even expanded coverage to company events like corporate picnics and the like. Generally speaking, however, occasions that are entirely social such as going out for drinks with your co-workers at happy hour after work would not be covered.

Filing A Claim

When you are injured at work, the first thing to do is to be seen by a doctor and get checked out. Then, as soon as humanly possible and certainly within four days (the required limit in Colorado) you should inform your employer of the incident. Your employer then has the responsibility to take an incident report from you and provide you a list of approved physicians whom you can see to be treated.

Make sure that while being treated you keep detailed records of all medical visits and treatments you receive, as you should be compensated for all of this care. Also, you may need to prove the severity of your injury or illness in case your claim is denied.

Denied Claims

Sometimes your employer will challenge your claim, or the insurance carrier will determine that it is not severe enough to be eligible for workers’ compensation. When this happens, it can be devastating, but it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world. It might require some tenacity, but you can challenge a denied claim.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Often, employers and insurance carriers will find reasons to deny an initial workman’s comp claim. When this happens, you are not out of options. Talking to a qualified Colorado Springs workers’ compensation attorney can ensure that you can successfully challenge the claim and get your injuries paid for so that you can get back on your feet and regain your life once more. If this has happened to you, read a bit more about workers’ comp, give us a call to review your case today, or complete our contact form.