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A swimming pool can be a great addition to any southern Colorado backyard. They provide an excellent, easy means to exercise on your own property as well as a space to entertain and bond with friends and family. However, pool ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. Pool accidents can be very costly for homeowners. They are generally held liable in these cases even if the injury was sustained while a person was trespassing or otherwise using the pool without the owner’s expressed permission.

Homeowner Liability

Homeowner liability in the case of pool accidents is seen as valid whenever it is deemed that the homeowner did not take reasonable action to prevent such an injury from occurring. This could manifest in several different ways; for instance, homeowners are expected to properly secure the pool area to protect guests while preventing unwanted visitors from entering. If the pool owner does not properly secure the pool from unwanted visitors, they could be reliable should an unwanted visitor sustain an injury in said pool.

There are generally many statutes in place in regards to securing a home pool, though these vary state by state. Read on for more information about securing your pool so that you avoid pool accidents and thus the added homeowner liability that comes with them.

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Pool owners should take care to prevent slip and fall accidents from happening around the pool area, as these kinds of accidents are high risk in pool areas. This includes providing non-slip surfaces around a pool, properly warning guests of slippery areas in the way of signs or other means, and always cleaning up standing puddles of water on the pool deck, as well as other measures. As a pool owner, you are held to a very high standard of care; a personal injury lawyer will be able to inspect for negligence. To make sure you’re not held liable in the case of a slip and fall accident, make sure to take the proper prevention measures at all times.

Avoid Trespasser Liability 

Again, as a pool owner, you may be held responsible for pool accidents even if they occur while the injured party was trespassing. This is because of a legal loophole referred to as “attractive nuisance”; while a homeowner would not be held responsible in other cases of trespassing, they can be held responsible if something on the property is deemed to be an object that attracts children, such as a swimming pool. Make sure to take the proper measures to secure the pool area to avoid such liability.

Take Out an Extra Pool Insurance Policy

Homeowner’s insurance may cover damages to a swimming pool, but it is highly unlikely to come in handy should someone sustain an injury directly from interaction with your swimming pool. Taking out an extra insurance policy for swimming pool liability is helpful for both the pool owner and the injured party in the case of an accident.

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