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Why You Shouldn’t Settle a Colorado Springs Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer

Each year, millions of people are injured in car accidents that involve a careless or reckless driver. Car accident injuries can amount to significant medical bills, loss of income, and damage to your vehicle. If you were in a car accident in Colorado Springs caused by someone else’s reckless actions, you’re entitled to compensation for your losses.

Deciding whether to hire a car accident lawyer for your car accident injury claim can be difficult. Even minor accidents can be more complicated than they seem, and handling accidents that involve significant injuries and damage on your own can leave you at a disadvantage. Continue reading to learn why you shouldn’t settle a Colorado Springs car accident claims without a lawyer.

Can You Represent Yourself?

A woman calling for help after a car accident in Colorado Springs.Some injury claims can seem straightforward and like they don’t require the help of an experienced attorney. However, many complex laws and circumstances can prevent even the most straightforward cases from being settled without the help of an experienced attorney. Before you consider taking on your case yourself, consider these questions:

  • Have you recovered? Many injuries from car accidents involve soft tissue, such as whiplash, sprains and strains, cuts, and bruises. If you’re completely recovered in a few weeks, you may be able to take on your case. However, keep in mind that some severe injuries, such as spinal injuries, can take time to become obvious, and you may need more money than you think you do to cover your recovery expenses. An attorney can review your injuries and doctor recommendations and ensure you seek the full amount you need for your medical bills and treatment.
  • Has the insurance company accepted responsibility? If the insurance company accepts full responsibility for the at-fault driver, the only thing remaining is the settlement amount. Keep in mind that both drivers and their insurance companies may try to reduce or eliminate their responsibility. You will likely have to negotiate with the insurance company for the settlement you really deserve.
  • Do you have time for your claim? Handling an injury claim requires a lot of time and hard work, and you may be trying to balance that with doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, surgeries, and more. When you hire an attorney, they will handle everything on your behalf so you can focus on recovering.

If you answered no to any of the questions posed above, you may find yourself at a disadvantage in attempting to move forward in representing yourself. An experienced attorney in your corner is an invaluable component of ensuring you seek the maximum amount you are legally owed.

Handling Your Own Claim Can Leave You With Less Than You Deserve

A Colorado Springs man taking photos of the damage to his car after an accident.If you want to pursue your claim on your own, the amount of compensation you may receive depends on how you present your case. You will need to gather evidence of the accident and your injuries and expenses. Once you have your evidence, you need to determine your demand for compensation. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know if your demand is appropriate if you don’t have experience with these cases, and you may need to negotiate your offer to get what you need for your medical bills and additional expenses. That’s why it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced attorney. They will be able to determine the maximum amount of compensation possible for you to recover and negotiate on your behalf for the full amount you deserve.

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Until you sign the settlement offer, you can bring in a lawyer at any point in time to help with your claim. Having one of our experienced lawyers on your side helps you navigate the car accident injury claims process and gives you the best possible chance of receiving the compensation you’re entitled to recover. At Heuser & Heuser, LLP, we have decades of experience helping injured parties seek compensation for their car accident expenses. Call 719-520-9909 or fill out the online form to get your free case review. It’s just that easy!