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If you've been hurt in an Uber accident in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or anywhere in the great state of Colorado, we're here to help.

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Have You Been Hurt in an Uber Accident?

Rideshare accidents happen every day, and just like any car accident, they can result in serious injuries to drivers and passengers alike. If you were an innocent passenger or were hit by an irresponsible rideshare driver, the attorneys at Heuser & Heuser, LLP are here to help. Let us work to evaluate how much your case may be worth, and help you to fight for your right to compensation. Get in touch with us today to learn if we can help you.

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Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services are all over the road, with Uber alone fielding nearly a million drivers across the nation. Ridesharing has completely revolutionized the way we travel. This has also come with increased traffic and risks, especially with so many people who amount to untrained cab drivers dropping off and picking up.

Because of all these vehicles criss-crossing routes on the roadways, it’s inevitable that accidents happen. When you’ve suffered an accident involving a rideshare driver, and due to the irresponsibility of another person, getting compensated can be very tricky. Corporations will try to pass the buck, insurance companies will bully or deny claims, and you might not even know who to hold responsible.

At Heuser & Heuser, LLP we want you to understand that we know what you’re dealing with, and we’re ready to step up and help you recover the damages you’ve suffered. We’re not afraid of big corporations or big insurance companies. We’ll remind everyone just who the victim is, and we’ll hold those who are responsible, accountable for their actions. We’ve recovered millions for our clients. We may be able to help you, too.

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Heuser and Heuser were amazing in helping with my personal injury claim. From the first day, my attorney, Doug, was caring and understanding, as well informative.

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Doug Price did an amazing job working on my case. Car accident from 2017 resolved quickly and efficiently.

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I am very happy with my experience at Heuser. Mr. Price was more than wonderful. I was always informed and kept up with my case.

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We were treated well everything was taken care of. The staff was was helpful. We would higly recommend this firm.

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Heuser and Heuser law firm, was excellent and helped me every step of the way, from the day of my accident, to the day I was issued a check.

- Chris Hudson
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Mr. Price and the H&H team were fantastic to work with! I was always kept in the loop in regards to my case, and had all of my questions answered quickly and professionally.

- Bekka Michaels

What to Know After an Uber or Lyft Accident

Many victims in ridesharing accidents lose out on the compensation to which they’re entitled, simply because they don’t know what to do, or aren’t even aware that they have rights. If you’ve been hurt in a rideshare accident and someone else was responsible, you have the right to damages under the law. Just a few circumstances under which you might be entitled to compensation include:

  • You were a driver or passenger in another car when a rideshare driver caused the accident.
  • You are a rideshare driver injured in a collision caused by another driver.
  • You were a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, regardless of who was at fault.

Uber and Lyft Insurance

Uber and Lyft do provide certain insurance coverage to their drivers which are in place to compensate victims who were hurt during the use of ridesharing services. These policies can be complex and tricky, and an experienced Colorado Uber accident lawyer can help you sort through it.

These companies determine who is eligible for coverage based on the stage of the rideshare. The companies, to this end, have established three different stages for ridesharing. Consider what you were doing when the accident occurred, and when in the stages of rideshare it occurred.

Stage one occurs during the time when the driver is logged into the app and waiting for a rider. During this stage, the driver only receives a small amount of coverage for limited liability. This coverage amounts to $50,000 per person to cover medical expenses, $25,000 for damage to property, and a maximum of $100,000.

When a driver is en route to pick up a passenger, this is stage two. The coverage to which they’re entitled during this stage comes to $1 million total, split between all types of liability

Finally, during the time when the driver has a passenger in their vehicle and is actively transporting them, the driver is in stage three. Stage three coverage is the same as that in stage two: up to $1 million in total.

Hurt in an Uber Accident? Getting help is easy!

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Get Your Case Review

Frequently Asked Questions

After you are in an Uber or Lyft accident, you should take similar steps to any other accident. First, make sure everyone is okay and be sure everyone (including you) gets medical attention. Don’t leave the scene. Call 911 to report the accident. Gather any evidence you can and get the contact information of any witnesses. Report the accident to the rideshare company. Obviously, don’t give your driver a good rating if they were at fault. Finally, contact a qualified Colorado Uber accident attorney at Heuser & Heuser, LLP.

To get compensation for your accident, you’ll need to prove negligence on someone else’s part. That means you need to prove that one of the drivers involved acted in an irresponsible manner, that their actions directly led to the accident, and that the accident is the reason why you were hurt. As part of that, your Uber accident lawyer will be able to figure out who to hold responsible, and it could be several parties.

Technically you can represent yourself, but it’s rarely a good idea. The rideshare company will have experienced attorneys on their side, as well as powerful insurance companies. You need a rideshare lawyer like Heuser & Heuser, LLP in your corner who can fight back and make sure that those companies are required to pay out what you deserve.

The good news is that it won’t cost you anything up front. Our offices work on a contingency-fee basis, which means that we don’t charge you for the consultation, and you won’t owe us a dime unless you collect money for your case. There’s no risk and no hidden fees!